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Is this philanthropy? Or charity? Or ...?

Dollar-A Day ( ) made its debut earlier this fall in the United States and today (October 16) has 807 subscribers. That number grew by three people overnight last night. When I first looked at the site on October 5, it had about 450 members.

The Privilege of the Pre-Campaign Study

At KMA we’re just beginning a new pre-campaign planning study. We will advise our client about their likelihood of success in a capital campaign. We produce a campaign plan. We make recommendations about structure and budget. And we give direction about how they should address whatever findings emerge from the study, so the project can be a success.

Wow! It just shouts “excitement,” doesn’t it? Or, maybe not. I concede that it may lack glamour, and the name -- “Pre-Campaign Planning Study” – won’t get anyone’s adrenaline flowing.

The fundraisers’ New Year’s sing-along

(To the tune of Auld Lang Syne*)

Should auld supporters be forgot,

And prospects never mined?

Their aid, from old and new, we seek,

With appealings so sublime.

With appealings so sublime my friend,

Through mail, online or phone,

We prize all gifts, both large and small,

And love donors as our own.

Our events have all been run so well