Building a relationship one transaction at a time

While riding the escalator into the upper regions of the shopping centre I saw the billboard pictured here. The copy reads: “We want to build a relationship with you, one amazing outfit at a time.”

I liked it – a well-defined exchange of value (cash, for “an amazing outfit”), a deal between two free agents, in a highly competitive market.  

“My most satisfying donation . . .”

“So you’ve made hundreds of charitable gifts. Some have been very large. May I ask, what’s been the most satisfying gift you have ever made?”

We were seated in his living room, with a scenic view of the ocean, in a grand house that showcased original works of major Canadian artists, on grounds protected by a gate and a guard.

We had completed the formal interview (for which I was sent by a client as part of a pre-campaign study), and it was time for me to leave. But I slipped in this one final question. I didn’t wait long. He didn’t hesitate.