Favourites of 2014

Before last year completely fades from memory,

some appeals and promotions I thought stood out

- Larry Matthews


Great leveraging of volunteers: CITIZEN SCIENTISTS

Dollar-A Day: Rethinking the critique

My son Aaron first brought the Dollar-a-Day donation approach to my attention. https://dollaraday.co/

That led to a blog post last week. http://www.kmaconsultants.ca/blog/give-365-charities-year-only-1-day

It turns out he then thought my analysis missed something important.

Give to 365 charities a year- only $1 a day!

Is this philanthropy? Or charity? Or ...?

Dollar-A Day (https://dollaraday.co ) made its debut earlier this fall in the United States and today (October 16) has 807 subscribers. That number grew by three people overnight last night. When I first looked at the site on October 5, it had about 450 members.