Who owns the donor information in your head?

We know what and who we know. How do we ethically steward that information?

Originally posted January 26, 2016 by AFP Toronto at  http://afptoronto.org/blog/who-owns-the-donor-information-in-your-head/

Google matching gifts for refugees make me edgy

I'm wary but $25 seemed a fair price to see how this unfolds.

When an appeal from Google to help refugees appeared in my browser toolbar yesterday (above), I was intrigued by what might be down the yellow brick road. So I clicked "Donate" The screen below opened.

Donations for Nepal are acts of pure faith

Donors need signals of trustworthiness to help them give

The world has mobilized to help stricken Nepalese in the wake of a massive earthquake on S aturday April 25. As ear ​ly as Sunday workers began arriving amid scenes of horrible loss and devastation, and a pervasive climate of fear.