Good People, Good Work

Distilling the essence of your value to donors

Can you describe your work in terms of its human effects?

Fifth in a series about your case for support

I’ve done a lot of case development. One of my favourite results came several years ago in collaboration with the leaders at Moncton Youth Residences (YIJ), in Moncton, NB. They are some of my favourite people as well. (As of June 18 this year, YIJ changed its name to Youth Impact Jeunesse, the name used for the rest of this article.)

What makes you so special?

Don’t worry about being unique. Document what makes you valuable.

Fourth in a series about your case for support

Years ago business consultants, authors and marketers unleashed the idea of the “Unique Value Proposition.” Now it’s everywhere. It’s a useful notion, propelling us to define what we do and why it is valuable.

Donors have options. You don’t.

Your case for support must win hearts and minds

Third in a series about your case for support

What’s your cause? Hunger? Safety of women? Chronic disease? Child exploitation? Opera? Literacy?

How likely is it that your donors have other options for their gifts? Virtually 100%. How many donors are obligated to give you money? None. Zero. Zip.

Altered states: why we have a case for support

Don’t settle for mere applause

Second in a series about your case for support

Most days each of us engages many people who are making a case for us to do what they want.

Of course you’re worthy. Get over it.

Fighting the sententia digna labore virus

First in a series about your case for support

Do feel like fundraising shouldn't be this hard? That donors are difficult people? Do your major gifts staff lack competitive edge? Are your executives too busy to make donor calls? Do board members glaze over when fundraising is discussed?

Whether health care or social service- it's about connecting people to what they’re already part of

An interview with Kimberly Harmsen, Manager, Annual & Special Giving, Union Gospel Mission, Vancouver, BC

“I’m just calling to say thank you.”

The call-display screen listed a major Canadian educational institution (not in Ontario.) I recognized it as one of the involuntary participants in our white mail experiment and picked up to hear a young female. “Krista” was calling to thank me for my donation.

The Privilege of the Pre-Campaign Study

At KMA we’re just beginning a new pre-campaign planning study. We will advise our client about their likelihood of success in a capital campaign. We produce a campaign plan. We make recommendations about structure and budget. And we give direction about how they should address whatever findings emerge from the study, so the project can be a success.

Wow! It just shouts “excitement,” doesn’t it? Or, maybe not. I concede that it may lack glamour, and the name -- “Pre-Campaign Planning Study” – won’t get anyone’s adrenaline flowing.

30 e-mails in 45 days from 1 charity: seems like a lot to me

I’ve started analyzing the responses received from the 12 unsolicited donations I made to various charities with which I’ve had no prior dealings. The beginning of this experiment is described in blog post of Nov. 27 (here).

The fundraisers’ New Year’s sing-along

(To the tune of Auld Lang Syne*)

Should auld supporters be forgot,

And prospects never mined?

Their aid, from old and new, we seek,

With appealings so sublime.

With appealings so sublime my friend,

Through mail, online or phone,

We prize all gifts, both large and small,

And love donors as our own.

Our events have all been run so well